Partnering with Ministries


Besides making loans and providing churches a place to invest their financial assets, CEF is a trusted resource for ministries in reviewing their financial health.


CCEF investors earn a reasonable rate of return on their investment while gaining the satisfaction of knowing their investment is being used to equip schools and congregations to best minister to their members and community.

What is the Communion Fund ?


The Communion Church Extension Fund (CCEF) program provides funds for the purchase of property and the construction and expansion of facilities for congregations and schools throughout the Holy Communion of Churches, funded through investments in CCEF made by members of communion congregations.

Working Together, Building The Kingdom Of God

Here are some of the ways the Communion Fund can partner with you.

Stewardship and Funds Managment

Church Purchase or Refinace

Ministry Housing


Church School Building or Community Center

Missions Project Funding


CCEF makes loans to congregations for a variety of purposes, including:

  • Refinance Existing Debt
  • Buses, Vans, etc.
  • Office Equipment & Computers
  • Lines of Credit
  • Facility Renovation & Repairs

Congregation Investments

Designed to provide an investment vehicle for congregations accumulating funds for a building project. The investment features a variable interest rate, monthly compounding of interest and quarterly statements. Additional investments may be made at any time, in any amount. Withdrawals for building projects may be made at any time, without penalty. A substantial interest penalty is charged for withdrawals for any other purpose.

Investment Rates 


Investment Type                                   Rate            APY

Flex Savings                                           0.500%        0.50%

Fixed-Rate Term Note - 1 year                0.750%        0.75%

Fixed-Rate Term Note - 3 years              1.250%        1.26%

Fixed-Rate Term Note - 5 years              1.750%        1.76%

Floating-Rate Term Note - 1 year           0.250%        0.25%

Floating-Rate Term Note - 3 years          1.250%        1.26%

Floating-Rate Term Note - 5 years          2.000%        2.02%

Congregation Savings                            1.000%        1.00%

Building Fund                                         2.000%        2.02%



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